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Post by TripOpt55 on Fri Sep 30, 2016 7:58 pm

I'll open this thread up in case anyone wants to discuss ReCore a little further than we have. And there really isn't anything to spoil, so if others are curious about the game you can probably read this pretty safely. Here are some thoughts on things I like and don't like to start things off.


The Platforming: It is pretty rare a new IP comes out these days and has great platforming, but it really is good here. They have some neat ideas like being able to dash twice if you dash off a ledge and then the rings that reset being able to double jump and dash. And being able to use the dashes and jumps in different orders. Cool stuff. You also get a good mix of platforming in the open world and linear levels which is cool for variety.

The General Structure: I like the semi-open world structure with the dungeons and exploration for extra stuff. I guess Zelda is the closest comparison. They do a really good job with the side dungeons in that they have these different types (platforming, combat and sort of combo ones). The end stretch could have used some tweaking, but overall I liked the style of game structure they went for here.

The Robots: They are fun. They have cool abilities. I enjoyed upgrading them with stuff I found. The way you could mix them for different supers was neat. I liked their individual personalities.

The Throwback Feeling: It really does feel like a game made in the sixth gen with story taking a backseat and how game-y it is and where the gameplay focus is.


Combat: I don't hate this, but I don't love it. I like when things get super frenetic. With you jumping and dodging and switching weapons/bots to do the most damage. But there are a bunch of little things that annoy me (like stick-waggling!). I also just don't really enjoy when the biggest thing holding me back or giving me an advantage is the enemy level vs. my level. I don't really get the appeal of this as a non-RPG player I guess.


Load Times: Just ridiculous on the Xbox One. Particularly when you die, but the others add up with the way you have to travel later in the game.

Lack of Polish: The load times fall in here too I guess. Framerate issues. Glitches. Respawn points that make no sense at all. It really needs a bunch of quality of life upgrades too. Like upgrading and replaying dungeons just take way longer than they need to. Little things like quick restart options would go a long way (assuming the load times weren't ass which they are).

The Inexplicable

Swapping Cores/Frames: This is probably the most baffling game design decision I have encountered in recent memory. Not being able to do this on the fly or via the pause menu when compounded by the load times is beyond annoying. Running into a stone pile and realizing you have to go back to a fast travel (or worse the Crawler!) to get the right bot to get a secret is awful. It hurt my enjoyment of exploring the world greatly. It also affects how they can design dungeons (they basically can't mix together needing all the bots) and combat (cores/frames have certain advantage over enemies, swapping them should be part of the fun of combat, but they limit you here). Like I kind of get they might not want you to have too many supers in a fight, but it just works against the game's setup. I can't imagine what the reason for only allowing swapping between two. Unless they did it to artificially lengthen the game. Or there was some technical hang-up they couldn't solve. I just don't get it.

This turned out longer than I intended! Oh well!
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