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Games You Played In May 2017

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Games You Played In May 2017 Empty Games You Played In May 2017

Post by BretBaber on Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:27 am

Same thing the topics normally are, but no one posted one this month and I for once beat a few games.

Darksiders - I said on here or Twitter before that I hate the art style, but other than that and the mediocre story the game was really fun to play. The comparison of God of War meets Zelda is spot on, even if it isn't as good as either one of those franchises. One part that surprised me was how long the dungeons were, some of them felt like they took 2 hours to beat. Good game, I'm glad I played it and I hope the sequel improves on a pretty fun first effort. B

Rayman - Such a fun game, but frustratingly hard at times. I played on the Vita, but I also own the game on the PS3 and I'm betting the experience might be a bit better on there. Not that the Vita version had any flaws, but the better controller probably would help alleviate some of those tougher platform sections. The levels and worlds were really cool, and the art style was a real beauty. I'm gonna give the Vita version a B+, but I bet I'd score the PS3 game higher.

Bastion - Didn't beat this in May, but I beat it about a week ago, and I'll just forgot that I beat it when we do the next one of these. Pros with the game are art style, presentation, the music, and all of the different weapons you get. Cons would be lack of enemy variety and the combat isn't the greatest. Still a fun action RPG that I'm glad I played, I'll have to try out Transistor soon. B

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