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Top Five Best/Favorite Final Levels in Games

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Top Five Best/Favorite Final Levels in Games

Post by TripOpt55 on Thu May 19, 2016 7:21 pm

Random thought I had today. Looking for your favorite final/last level or mission in a game. Five if you have them or you know just post one/some. I guess there is bound to be some spoilers, so at least list the game before describing/explaining why this way people can scroll on by if they want.
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Re: Top Five Best/Favorite Final Levels in Games

Post by TheMatt on Thu May 19, 2016 11:51 pm

Here's my list with no spoilers

Earthbound - beating the final boss requires you to use a really obscure action that I rarely used. I remember banging my head against the wall as a kid trying to beat it and when I noticed it was working, my mind was blown.

Chrono Trigger - I like how you can take on the final boss/level whenever you want and depending on when you do it you get a different ending. Really fun to mess around with in New Game +

Saints Row the Third - Hilarious, fun to play and a great spoof on the Uncharted 2 final boss. Cracks me up just thinking about it.

Tales from the Borderlands - the whole final episode, but particularly the last sequence was so great. I can't wait for season 2 of that!

Dead Space 2 - I still don't know if you're actually supposed to shoot your way through or just run like hell... But I chose the run like hell method and it was so tense.

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Re: Top Five Best/Favorite Final Levels in Games

Post by SanAndreasX on Sat May 21, 2016 2:13 pm

1. Final Fantasy VI Kefka's Tower - the whole dungeon is great, where you manipulate three parties together to get to Kefka. Then the final battle against one of the freakiest last bosses you've ever seen. All set to some of the best "final dungeon" music I've ever heard.

2. Super Metroid Tourian/Mother Brain - A great level that sums up the Alienesque spirit of Metroid, and that's not even getting into the little plot twist that happens during this level.

3. Twilight Princess Hyrule Castle - a perfect summation of everything I loved about my favorite Zelda game - horse battles, the enemies, and the ending. Zelda games since the NES haven't really had very comprehensive "final dungeons", usually you go straight to the final confrontation with Ganon or whoever, but TP was a nice exception.

4. Dragon Quest VIII - Awesome dungeon with an awesome last boss and ending.

5. Fallout: New Vegas Hoover Dam. This was a pretty exciting battle, but I chose to side with Caesar's Legion, and the Veteran Rangers are absolute assholes.

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Re: Top Five Best/Favorite Final Levels in Games

Post by volvocrusher on Sat May 21, 2016 2:35 pm

1. Mass Effect 2 Suicide Mission- More than any other Bioware game everything leading up to it builds it up so well. Then it's a real test not just of your shooting skills but of how well you know your team. It makes you feel like a real leader.
2. Star Wars Kotor 2 with Restoration Mod- This is pretty weak without it but with it? Incredible. All of your party members have their own subplots which vary depending on if you're light side or dark side while your character is at the point where he/she feels like a Jedi master. The atmosphere is amazing, the bosses have great conclusions, and it gives a lot to ponder on after, even if how it provides closure is kind of weak.
3. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga-Now this is how you finish off a game. You fight all eight Koopa kids each with their own area with a unique puzzle or obstacle in the way, then you fight Fawful one last time, then the last boss has two forms (which is perfect for an RPG IMO) one of which you must do at zero health. Just spectacular. 
4. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap- At least one Zelda had to be on here with how well they finish their games. I opted for this one because it was the only one where I felt a sense of panic over not making it to save the day on time. Also has the best boss in Zelda history.
5. Halo Reach- Halo's always done a great job ending it's games but this one is the best. Love how the very final portion just says survive and whether you win or lose doesn't matter. You're just holding off as long as you can knowing you're doomed no matter what.

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Re: Top Five Best/Favorite Final Levels in Games

Post by avidacridjam on Sun May 22, 2016 10:23 am

1. Metal Gear Solid 3: the showdown with The Boss
2. Red Dead Redemption: Marston's son avenges his father.
3. Batman: Arkham Knight: City of Fear finale. While finally beating the crap out of the Riddler was technically the last thing I did, the duel between Batman and Joker in the former's mind palace is the best sequence of the game. And so satisfying.
4. Portal 2: The Part Where He Kills You.
5. Mass Effect: Just me and my angels Liara and Tali whooping ass on Geth and Saren.

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Re: Top Five Best/Favorite Final Levels in Games

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