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Surprisingly Fun/Overlooked/Made to be Fun Multiplayer Games/Modes

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Surprisingly Fun/Overlooked/Made to be Fun Multiplayer Games/Modes

Post by TripOpt55 on Sat Oct 26, 2013 3:27 pm

Random topic idea that as always I had no idea how to describe in the topic title so let me try and explain. Is there a multiplayer game or mode that you expected to be bad and ended up being really good? Or even one that just you seem to love even though it isn't popular? Maybe you and your friends had fun with something or made something fun in an unexpected way. Looking for some people to share these kinds of multiplayer experiences. Here are a couple of examples that come to mind for me.

Bocce Ball in Sports Champions: When I got my second PS3 I ended up getting the move bundle because of the value. I didn't expect Sports Champions to do much for me, but boy is Bocce Ball amazingly fun with a friend or three. They have all these wild courts. It's a blast.

Rocket Subway in Resistance: Fall of Man: Resistance 1 has some legitmately great multiplayer especially for a fan of local multiplayer like me. If it had some bots it'd be some all-time great stuff. We used to end every night with Rocket Subway. I'm sure everyone has played a game and tried the all rocket launcher variant. Well we do that on the super small subway map and it's kind of hilarious because you all sort of creep up to this central room and just hope to live. And then there is the moment you run out of rockets and you here this click and you know you are in trouble. It's pretty great.

Shank 2's Horde Mode: This falls in the unpopular mode I just love. I remember when they announced Shank 2's co-op to be a horde mode instead of the separate campaign like the first game's I was disappointed. The best part about co-op in 1 was the ridiculous over the top story and how much the boss fights kicked me and my friend's ass. So that wouldn't be here, but I ended up just loving the shit out 2's Horde mode. They have all of these wild waves (zombie wave, boss wave, etc.) and it was really addictive to try and beat all 30 waves. This ended up being my favorite part of either Shank game.

Anyway, hope this makes sense. You guys got anything like this?
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Re: Surprisingly Fun/Overlooked/Made to be Fun Multiplayer Games/Modes

Post by BretBaber on Sat Oct 26, 2013 9:51 pm

I think most of Sports Champions is an overlooked game. Normally at my cousin's birthday we always whip that game out for some good fun. The only games I don't like a lot are the battle game and table tennis. My favorite is disc golf and then the archery one, but bocce is my third and like the other two I think it's just a fantastic game. Everyone getting sick and tired of the Wii kind of just overlooked this great game. I'm gonna look and see if the second one has dropped in price any.

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Re: Surprisingly Fun/Overlooked/Made to be Fun Multiplayer Games/Modes

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